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Charles Curtis ; Native-American Vice-President

              Photo of Charles Curtis courtesy of The Kansas State Historical Society

FIRST Native-American of proven bloodlines

to be elected to the White House 

visit his graveside memorial

vp flag

(flag of the Vice-President)

The first official flag for the Vice President was specified in 1936
Charles Curtis - 31st Vice-President of the United States
(1929 - 1933)
born Jan. 25, 1860  North Topeka, Kansas
died Feb. 8, 1936  Washington D.C. 
First Native American Kansan to serve in U.S. Senate
(Has the record of being member of most subcommittees at one time)
First to serve as U.S. Republican Senate Majority Leader
(By The Way - Bob Dole was the second one)
First Republican Floor Leader for U.S. Senate
First (traceable & proven) Native American Indian as Vice-President.
Only Native American Kansan as Vice-President or President.
(Dwight David Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas)
First Vice-President from West of the Mississippi
First Vice-President to take vice-presidential oath with a Bible.
First Vice-President to light Whitehouse Christmas tree, 1932 

Last Vice-President to wear facial hair (mustache)

Last Vice-President to be unmarried while in office, his wife died in 1924


Charles Curtis preceded Obama on presidential ticket


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(48 star Flag of United States of America 1912-1959)

The American's Creed

       "I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.  I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey its laws' to respect its flag; and defend it against all enemies."

--- William Tyler Page (1917)

---------- Life in a nutshell ----------

1)  1860 -  Born in U.S. Kansas Territory
2)  1865 -  Mother died, father deserted him, went to live with his mother's Indian relatives on the Kaw Reservation in Morris county (Council Grove, Kansas)
3)  1868 -  Went to Topeka to live with his father's parents
4)  1870 -   Attended school, working in livery stable during spare time
5)  1876 -  Became a horse jockey on Kansas racetracks, was considered the best jockey of all time
6)  1877 -  Was reporter for "North Topeka Times"
7)  1881 -  Was admitted to the law bar after studying while a hack driver and later studying in an attorney's office.  He worked also as a Notary Public
8)  1884 -  Elected Prosecuting Attorney of Shawnee county
9)  1884 -  Married Annie Elizabeth Baird (3 children), Permelia, Harry, Leona
10) 1886 -  Re-elected to Office of Prosecuting Attorney
11) 1892 -  Elected to House of Representatives on the Republican ticket
12) 1903 -  Left House of Representatives to run for the Senate but was defeated
13) 1907 -  Elected to United States Senate
14) 1912 -  Was defeated for re-election
15) 1914 -  Returned to United States Senate position by popular election.
16) 1924 -  Became 1st Republican Floor Leader of the United States Senate, was presidential hopeful.
17) 1927 -  Oct. 27 : became a candidate for the Republican nomination for Vice-President
18) 1928 -  Was elected Vice President (President was Herbert Hoover)
19) 1932 -  Was nominated for re-election but was defeated in election
20) 1933 -  Announced retirement and establishment of residence in Washington D.C.
21) 1936 -  Died of heart attack in Washington D.C.; casket was in Topeka Capital Building rotunda lying in state for people to pass by (only person this honor has been given to) buried in Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas
22) 1959 -  He was inducted into the National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians;  Anadarko, Oklahoma   (see Legacy link for full story)

Political Record of support by Charles Curtis, (prior to 1928)

1)  Revision of congressional rules to eliminate "joker" legislation (see Legacy link for full story)
2)  Woman Suffrage Amendment   (Kansas women received full voting rights 1912)
3)   Soldier's Adjusted Compensation Bill ( for World War I veterans )
4)   Anti Child Labor Amendment
5)   Bill to give union men the right to trial by jury in contempt cases growing out of the acts committed outside the court's presence
6)   Anti narcotic legislation
7)   Bill for protection of Native American women (and children of marriage) who marry foreigners (Frenchmen, white Americans)
8)  Bill making all Native American Indians citizens of the United States
9)  Bill exempting labor unions from Sherman law
10)  Parts of the present Tariff Act protecting farm interests
11)  Plan to help wheat growers whose crops have failed
12)  Hepburn railroad bill eliminating discrimination against farmers
13)  Bill providing for purchase of $ 50,000,000 issue of Farm Loan Bonds to enable board to make loans to farmers at low interest rates
14)  Conceived law to consolidate all Ports of Entry, saving taxpayers $ 300,000 annually in the collection of customs
15)  Proposed amendment to Interstate Commerce Act to help and protect farmers
16)  At the time he had more Senate Committee assignments than any Senator has ever before held at one time.

NOTE - Charles Curtis did NOT support the "Curtis Act"

 ---------- Personal Profile on Charles Curtis ---------- 

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----------Timelines ----------

Timeline A:  The Indians in Kansas, with Charles Curtis.

Timeline B :  The timelines of Kansas and the United States, combined with the timelines of Kansa-Osage-Pottawatomi Indians and Charles Curtis.

1825 Treaty with Legal troubles -  1825 Treaty with additional Legal troubles in 1968; 1984; 1994

Membership - Apply for membership in Kaw Nation

Timeline C -  Major events and Famous Firsts, with Charles Curtis.

---------- Biography ----------

Biography ACharles Curtis and his extended family genealogy.

Biography B :  Charles Curtis (before going into Politics).
This section was published in the Spring 2000 edition of "The Curtis-Curtiss Chronicles" 
Politics  and Beliefs of Charles Curtis, with a vice-presidential acceptance speech link.
            Acceptance Speech - To accept vice-presidential nomination
---------- Miscellanous Links  ----------
Charles Curtis Home - on the Historical Register at 1101 S.W. Topeka Blvd. 1 block south of the Kansas Capitol State House in Topeka, in full view from the south steps of the Capitol, it is truly a treasure of Topeka, if not all of Kansas.
         Women's Rights A -  A letter from Carrie Chapman Catt of Curtis' support of Women's Suffrage
         Equal Rights Amendment Senator Charles Curtis, and Representative Daniel R. Anthony, Jr. 
                                                        —Susan B. Anthony's nephew, both Kansas Republicans, introduced
                                                        it for the first time as Senate Joint Resolution No. 21 on Dec. 10, 1923
         Indian's Rights - Letter from "The Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions"    

---------- Legacy ----------

Legacy   left by Charles Curtis that is still in effect today.

Three names added to Kansas Walk of Honor

         --------- Memorials ---------

Memorials   and donations for memorial of the graves of Charles Curtis and his wife, Annie Elizabeth Baird. See here for pictures of grave, home on DAR historical register, efforts for stamp campaign to get Charles Curtis on a stamp.

Topeka Cemetery    Where Charles Curtis and his wife Annie Elizabeth Baird are buried

Curtis Family Memorial Gardens - Private Curtis Family Cemetery, North Topeka, Kansas

         Signature Bldg.  Kansas State Office Building named for Charles Curtis

        ---------- Resources ----------

         Resources  and recommended books for reading.

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