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                                                                 Stamp Request Form                     Date _______________

To the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee, please consider this request for a stamp of Vice-President

Charles Curtis to be issued on or before Jan. 25, 2035;  on the 175th birthday of Charles Curtis, the 31st

Vice-President of United States of America; from Topeka, Kansas. Please consider all the 'firsts' that are

throughout his life, with all of his lifetime achievements.

More information available at    http://www.vpcharlescurtis.net/index.html

NAME                                            ADDRESS                                 CITY                           STATE

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15. _______________________________________________________________________________

                                Mail to:         Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee
                                                      c/o Stamp Management
                                                      U. S. Postal Service
                                                      475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW,  Room 4474 E
                                                      Washington D.C.          20260-2437









I would like to know if the interest is there for a biography book on Vice-President Charles Curtis,
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Help to fund the on-going research on Vice-President Charles Curtis for a very much neededbiography/book
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Then, PLEASE donate for the future.          Goals!

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Overview of Charles Curtis life

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Timeline A:  The Indians in Kansas

Timeline B :  The timelines of Kansas and the USA

Timeline C -  Major events and Famous Firsts

Biography ACharles Curtis and his extended family genealogy.

Biography B :  Charles Curtis (before going into Politics)

Politics  and Beliefs of Charles Curtis

Legacy   left by Charles Curtis

Memorials  and donations

Charles Curtis home in Topeka, Kansas

Signature Bldg.  New Kansas State Office Building named for Charles Curtis

Resources  and recommended books for reading.

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