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        I would like to thank my instructors for this class of Fall 1998,  Kansas Characters:  Karen Ray, Sara Tucker and Thomas Fox Averill.  Without their help, I would have been totally lost.  All of them went through a lot of "up's and down's" with me to begin my research and the work necessary to learn how to do a web site; how to follow though with it making it "come to life"; Washburn University; Topeka, Kansas
        I highly recommend this class as a way for students to learn in-depth research about the people and the times of the state of Kansas.

        I have added to the Resources, any place/person that has helped me with the ongoing research on Vice-President Charles Curtis.

Leon Graves; Topeka, Kansas

Christine Hollenbeck; Topeka, Kansas

Dean Meredith Kidd; Washburn University; Topeka, Kansas

Binghamton State University of New York  http://www.binghamton.edu
P.O. Box 6000
Binghamton, New York   13902-6000                                 (607) 777-2000
Women's Rights letter to Senator Charles Curtis from Carrie Chapman Catt.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints    http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp
Family History Center
2401 SW Kingsrow Road
Topeka, Kansas                                                                   (785) 272-6916
This center was used to verify family births, marriages, and deaths, as secondary
validation for other information found.
Current descendants

Immaculate Conception Church
Father Earl Dekat
208 West Bertrand
St. Marys, Kansas  66536

Haskell Indian Nations University      http://www.haskell.edu
155 Indian Avenue
Lawrence, Kansas
Curtis Hall is located here.

Kansas State Historical Society      http://www.kshs.org/
6425 SW 6th Avenue
Topeka, Kansas   66615                                                         (785) 272-8681
Materials used from here - pictures, biography written by Charles Curtis, the "Howell Collection": Howell Jones was a personal friend who lived in Topeka, Kansas that Charles Curtis wrote many personal letters to, and twelve volumes of newspaper clippings.

Kansas Vital Statistics
Landon State Office Building
Topeka, Kansas                                                                      (785) 296-1400

I was able to get the birth certificates for his two daughters but not his son

Carmen Orth-Alfie                                                 cortalf@ku.edu

Coordinator, Government Information Services

University of Kansas Libraries

Anschutz Library, Rm 320C

1301 Hoch Auditoria Dr.

Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7537                      (785)  864-8929

Mabee Library                                     http://www.washburn.edu/services/mabee/liblinks.html
Washburn University
1700 SW College Avenue

Topeka, Kansas   66621                                                            (785) 670-1010
Martha Imparato found a book with a listings of schools that no longer existed, this is where I found the listing for the "Lincoln School" at 5th and Madison where Charles Curtis and his future wife Annie Elizabeth Baird, went to school.

Salina Public Library                     http://www.salinapubliclibrary.org/
301 West Elm
Salina, Kansas  67401   (785) 825-4624
Judy Magnuson Lilly and Catherine Rominger

Providence Public Library
225 Washington Street
Providence, Rhode Island   02903-3283

The Topeka Room                       http://www.tscpl.org
Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
1515 SW 10th
Topeka, Kansas                                                                          (785) 580-4400
Susan (Susie) Marchant, Susan Appleby, Jeanie Mithen, Brea Black, Charity Rouse
Materials used from here were documentation of following Charles Curtis family. "Who's Who of Topeka, 1902"

Topeka Cemetery
1601 SE 10th
Topeka, Kansas   66607                                 (785) 233-4132
Charles Curtis is buried here with his wife, lot 80, the decision was made to bury him here rather than at the private family cemetery in North Topeka, Kansas.

Topeka Genealogical Society, Inc.       http://www.tgstopeka.org/index.html
P. O. Box 4048
Topeka, Kansas 66604-0048            (785) 233-5762

Topeka Genealogical Society Library   (same as above)
2717 SE Indiana Avenue
Topeka, Kansas

United States, Department of the Interior, Office of the Solicitor
Schedule of heirs for Julie Gonville Pappan's will  (1970)

United States Military Academy       http://www.usma.army.mil
West Point, New York
(845) 938-4011

University of Kansas                          http://www.ukans.edu
Kenneth Spencer Research Library
Sheryl K. Williams
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-2800               (785) 864-2027

University of Oklahoma Libraries
Ms Devon L. Yost
Graduate Research Assistant
Western History Collections
630 Parrington Oval, Rm 452
Norman, Oklahoma  73019

Washburn University                    http://www.washburn.edu/main/index.html

1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka, Kansas   66621                                                            (785) 670-1010

Professor Averill                                http://www.washburn.edu/cas/english/taverill/

Dr. Sara Tucker                                 http://www.washburn.edu/cas/history/stucker/SWThome.html

Wellesley College for Women            http://www.wellesley.edu

108 Central Street
Wellesley, Mass.  02481                      (781) 283-1000

Yale Law School                               http://www.yale.edu/
127 Wall Street
New Haven, Conn  06511.

The private, personal family Curtis Cemetery is located in North Topeka, Topeka Boulevard north, to Paramore, go west 1 block to Harrison, go north on Harrison, which is marked "Dead End", but at the end, is a dirt road that curves up the hillside to the private Curtis cemetery.   The majority of the extended Curtis family is buried here.


Books, Magazines and Internet used as Resources

Senator Charles Curtis 
"A Son of Pawhuska"
American Monthly magazine, February 1928,   p.11

Senator Charles Curtis (cover picture) 
"Quiet Leader"

TIME magazine, December 20, 1926   p.9-10                    http://www.time.com

Senator Charles Curtis (cover picture)
"Curtis of Kansas"
magazine, June 18, 1928  p. 8-9

Vice-President Charles Curtis (cover picture)
"The Vice President"

TIME magazine, December 5, 1932  p.11-12

Adams, F.G. 
Kansas State Historical Society
Vol. IV Clifford C. Baker, State Printer (1890)

Bradley, James
The Imperial Cruise
Little, Brown and Company (2009)

Bright, John D.  
Kansas, The First Century
Lewis Historical Publishing Co.  Inc.  (1956)

Burns, Louis F.

A History of the Osage People

University of Alabama Press

Tuscaloosa, Alabama   (2004)

Carter, Kent,
The Dawes Commission
Ancestry.com Incorporated  (1999)

Cochran, C.V.
A History of Kansas Avenue Methodist Church   (1962)

Cutler, William G. 
History of the State of Kansas

published by A.T Andreas, Chicago  (1883)

Din, Gilbert C.
The Imperial Osages, Spanish Indian Diplomacy in the Mississippi Valley
University of Oklahoma Press (1983)

Edmunds R. David
The New Warriors, Native American Leaders Since 1900
Published by University of Nebraska Press  (2001)
(received on inter-library loan from University of Kansas Libraries)

Ewy, Marvin  
Charles Curtis: Vice President of the United States
The Emporia State Research Studies, Vol. 10, Number 2
Kansas State Teachers College,   Emporia, Kansas,   (December, 1961)

Fitzgerald, Daniel  
Gone But Not Forgotten:  Lost Schools of Topeka
editor Topeka, Kansas:  Shawnee County Historical Society  (1990)

Furman, Bess

Washington By-Line, The Personal History of a Newspaperwoman

New York, Alfred A. Knopf (1949)

Gann, Dolly  
Dolly Gann's Book

Doubleday, Doran and Co.   New York,   (1933)

Hart, George L. 
Nineteenth Republican National Convention
The Tenny Press:  New York  (1928)

Hart, J.C. 
Census of Kaw Indians of Pawnee Agency Oklahoma
(June 30, 1922)

Hodge, Frederick Webb 
Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, North Americans Indians
Government Printing Office, Washington D.C.   (1912)

Hoig, Stan
The Chouteaus, First Family of the Fur Trade
University of New Mexico Press (2008)

Isern, Thomas and Wilson, Raymond. 
Kansas Land
Salt Lake City: Gibbs, Smith  (1988)

Kane, Thomas Nathan. 
Famous First Facts
  Fourth Edition
New York:  The H.W. Wilson Co.  (1981)

Lewis and Clark, William Dunbar, Doctor Sibley

Jefferson’s Western Explorations;

Discoveries made in exploring the Missouri, Red River and Washita

Compiled by Thomas Jefferson

Natchez Edition 1806  Facsimile

Arthur H. Clark Company

Spokane, Washington  (2004)

Martin, George W.
Kansas State Historical Society
Vol. VIII Topeka, George A. Clark, State Printer  (1904)

Mathews, John Joseph
The Osages, Children of the Middle Waters
University of Oklahoma Press (1961)

McAuliffe Jr., Dennis


A Family Story of Oil, Greed and Murder on the Osage Reservation

Council Oak Books

San Francisco / Tulsa  (1999)

Miller, Irma R.
French-Indian Families in America's West
Lessert (aka Claymore), Roy, Chatillon, Delor, Royer
Trafford Publishing (1988)

Morehouse, George P.
The Kansa or Kaw Indians and their history
Kansas State Printing Office
Topeka, (1908)

Nash, George H.
The Life of HERBERT HOOVER, The Engineer, 1874-1914
W. W. Norton & Company
500 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10110 (1983)

O'Donnell, Harold L.,
Eugene Township, (Vermillion County, Indiana) The First 100 Years, 1824-1924
The Interstate, Printers and Publishers, Danville, Illinois  (1963)

Pope, Charles Henry,
The Pioneers of Massachusetts
Massachusetts: Boston  (1900)

Richmond, Robert W. 
Kansas: A Land of Contrasts
St. Louis:  Forum Press  (1980)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W A R N I N G ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seitz, Don C.
From Kaw Teepee to Capitol,  (NOTE = No longer should be considered a factual or a reliable source)
The Story of Charles Curtis
Frederick A. Stokes Co.   New York,   (1928)
(New development - FOUND = A copy with Dust Jacket,  on the dust jacket;  the author Don C. Seitz notes that book was written primarily only for young children) 
- This book is NOT included in the list of biographies written by Don C. Seitz
See Don C. Seitz papers    http://diglib.princeton.edu/ead/getEad?eadid=C0044&kw

Note Book Review from 1929 = Charles Curtis's Life Story Told

FROM KAW TEEPEE TO CAPITOL  by Don C. Seitz; Frederick A. Stokes Co. N.Y.   $2  1928

This juvenile success story is an account for boys for the life of Charles Curtis, as it progressed from the Indian camps to the capitol of the nation. As is proper in such a book, a great deal of space is given to the boyhood of the hero and the Indian background of his early life. His adventures in those days culminated in his exploit when the Cheyennes attacked his people. Following this adventure we have a brief account of how he made his way along white man's road, how he became a lawyer,  a congressman, a senator, and at last vice-president-elect. The book is well bound, well printed, and illustrated with a number of photographs of the hero and his relatives.          -- Stanley Vestal


Tixier, Victor, 1815-1885

Tixier’s Travels on the Osage Prairies

Translated from French by Albert J. Salvan

ml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />University of Oklahoma Press,  Norman  (1940)


Terrell, John Upton

Zebulon Pike: The Life and Times of an Adventurer

Weybright and Talley

New York   (1968)

Unrau, William E.
Mixed Bloods and Tribal Dissolution; Charles Curtis and the Quest for Indian Identity
University Press of Kansas (1989)

Unrau, William E.
The Kansa Indians, A History of The Wind People, 1673-1873
University of Oklahoma Press, (1971)

Wolgast, Larry E. 
Kansas Pioneers
Walsworth Publishing Co.  (1976)

Providence Public Library (articles from the Rhode Island collection)
225 Washington Street
Providence, Rhode Island  02902-3283

The Anadarko Daily News  (1954 article on Charles Curtis)
PO Box 548
Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005

The Republican National Convention (1932)
National Historical Press
Chicago, Illinois

War of the Rebellion  (Civil War)
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Washington: Government Printing Office (1888)

World Book Encyclopedia    #11
Chicago: World Book, Inc.  (1998)

"Arrival of United States Vice President Charles Curtis at Bryant’s 1930 Commencement [video]"
(1930). Bryant University Audio & Video Collection. Paper 43.

Pike, Zebulon Montgomery,

The Southwestern Journals of Zebulon Pike, 1806-1807

University Of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico (2006)


Pike, Zebulon Montgomery

The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike;

With letters and related documents

University of Oklahoma Press

Norman, Oklahoma  (1966)

I have found many MANY multiples of errors about the life of Kansas House Representative/Kansas Senator/Vice President Charles Curtis in many books. There is the opinion that Charles Curtis was so crooked that he burned ALL of his private papers so that he could not be found out (not true, as he left his own biography, written by himself with many papers)

I found that not to be the case.  Actually over the years since his death in 1936, so many stories and outright lies have been repeated  (published as facts in other books) so many times that many authors have used these stories and outright lies as true material, so lies are accepted as actual truths.
One little item for instance, how many places have you come across other books that have Charles Curtis with a middle initial or middle name? To me this is simply poor re
search on the part of the author, so all of that author's books could possibly be just as much wrong.
Vice President Charles Curtis does not have either a middle initial or a middle name as per his baptism records at St Mary's Kansas, as well as the many documents that he signed, during his lifetime.

There are many many more books, magazines, web sites, microfiche that I have read/copied in preparation for the research for this web site. This also includes many many oral interviews with people who knew Charles Curtis as well as the family descendants.

It is not possible to list every place, book, magazine article etc. as well as name all the people that I have spoken with; the documentation would be longer than the book itself; though I am putting this information in my manuscript when it relates to a specific event/incident.

In the process of my research I have found multitudes of errors concerning Charles Curtis; this has made me all the more determined to use primary resources as much as possible, not notarized memories as I have found in other books; though it is supposed to be as accurate as a primary source; to me as a reader it is not; so as an author it is equally not acceptable.

There is information on this web site that will not match what you find elsewhere, if it does not; myself I question the resources used as many newer resources are incorrect with assumptions, misconceptions as well as outright lies. Look for the resources that were used to write anything on Charles Curtis; as many will not even note the resources used for Charles Curtis; if they have resources, note the date and author and email me or send me the information about the book's title and the author's name.


Baird Family                            
Curtis/Curtiss Family                               http://www.genealogy.com
Hubbard Family                                        http://www.ancestry.com
Knight Family                                             http://www.familysearch.org/
Lessert Family                                           http://www.curtis-curtiss.com
Pappan Family

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Signature Bldg.  New Kansas State Office Building named for Charles Curtis


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