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Genealogy of Vice President Charles Curtis

                Native American Indian Mother's side:  Pappan/Gonnvile (of Charles Curtis) -

  White Hair  I (1st known as Gra-to-Moh-se or “Iron Hawk” before 1791 later known as Pawhuska, Papuisea, and Les Cheveux Blanc), a Great (Grand) Osage chief (tribe name, there is the Little Osage tribe also)  (b. 1763?-d. 1809?) married an Osage women.  Many Indian Treaties have the mark of White Hair  (or Pawhuska) on them.  Pawhuska, Oklahoma is named for him. 
"wife" known as "Shenga Wassa" or "Beautiful Bird"


(B) daughter Marie Pa-hu-shan married Noel Mogray (Mongrain)

      1)  Jean Baptiste Mogray (Mongrain) (became chief of Osages)

      2)   Pelagie Mongrain m. Antoine Penn (b. 1823? - d. 1853) in 1842

            a.  Angeline Penn (b. 1851?) m. William H. Connor (b. Jan 1846)

                    1.  Kathleen Connor   


(C) daughter married Jean La Fou (Lafon) aka John the Foolish d. Aug 1806


(D) son Nobrolgaminga (Sans Oreilles) aka No Ears


(E) son(?) Belle Oiseau aka Pretty Bird died 1804


(A) son White Hair II


(B) daughter Marie Pa-hu-shan married Noel Mogray (Mongrain)

      1)  Jean Baptiste Mogray (Mongrain) (became chief of Osages)

      2)   Pelagie Mongrain m. Antoine Penn (b. 1823? - d. 1853) in 1842

            a.  Angeline Penn (b. 1851?) m. William H. Connor (b. Jan 1846)

                    1.  Kathleen Connor   


(C) daughter married Jean La Fou (Lafon) aka John the Foolish d. Aug 1806


(D) son Nobrolgaminga (Sans Oreilles) aka No Ears


(E) son(?) Belle Oiseau aka Pretty Bird died 1804


(There is much speculation and not very much documentation on if Me-na is either the sister of White Hair I or his daughter)  m. White Plume   (Plume Branche or Mon Charisz) called by the French, an Kanza (Kaw) (also known as No-Pa-War-Ra, Nampawarah, Wompawara and Mannschenscaw) (meaning "man who scares" or "fury") (b. 1765 in Osage City, Southeast of Kansas City, Ks-d. 1838)  who was appointed chief of Kansa (Kaw, Kanza) Indians by General Clark. White Plume helped Lewis & Clark when their expedition came through Ks.

* denotes Allotee of Article 6 from Kanza 1825 Treaty, signed by White Plume in St Louis

A)  daughter Wy-He-See, b. about 1798

B)  daughter Hunt Jimmy. b. about 1800 

(For your information) 
Hunt Jimmy
later married Joseph James (aka "Jo Jim") (also known as Little Chief).

        a) *Joseph James, Junior
        b)   Frank James

C)  Me-Ho-Yah/Me-Ha-Ja had children by Clement Lessert (aka Lessart) of Canada; who d. 20 July 1854 Westport, Missouri)
         1.  *Adele Lessert  (b. 1823; d. 1866) m.
in Kansas City, Mo., by the Rev. Nicholas Point, S. J.; 7 Jan 1841 Moses (Moise, Moyse) Bellmard (Bellemere/Bellemare/Bellmore) from Yamachiche, Quebec, Canada (baptized 19 May 1812) After Adele's death; Moses Bellmard remarried to Betty Garmire
              a)  Marie Bellmard  (b. May 1845; d. 7 Aug 1846)
b)  Joseph Napoleon Bellmard (b. 1 Aug 1847; d. 22 Mar 1925) m. 25 Dec 1865 Mary Susan Pappan (d. 30 Jan 1899 buried Washunga Cemetery Kay County, Okla.)
                     1.  William Bellmard
                     2.  Rachel Bellmard
                     3.  Julia Bellmard
                     4.  Joseph Bellmard Jr.
                     5.  Mary Bellmard
                     6.  Ida Bellmard
                married 2nd wife Emily (Emma) Dawson Auld 8 May 1900
                     1.  Raymond Bellmard m. Edna Pappan
                          A.  Colleen Bellmard(?)
                          B.  Sam Bellmard
                     2.  Olavene Bellmard
                     3.  Jane (Jennie) Bellmard b. 25 Jan 1906 m. Glen Benbrook
                          A.  Ernestine Benbrook
                          B.  Raymond Benbrook
                          C.  Jack Benbrook
                                 1)  Jeff Benbrook m. Sue
                                       a)  Jetri Benbrook
                                       b)  Joshua Benbrook
                                       c)  Jayson Benbrook
                          D.  Jim Benbrook
                                 1)  Christina Benbrook
                                 2)  Priscilla Benbrook
                     4.  Leonard (Bob) Bellmard
               b)  Julie Bellmard b. 1853
               c)  Francois Bellmard b. 7 May 1850 (in Kansas Territory)
               d)  Moses Benjamin Bellmard b 28 Jun 1856
               e)  Leonard Bellmard (b. 1851 in Kansas Territory) m. Josephine Tisseur

              1)  Adele Bellmard
                    2)  Arthur Bellmard
                    3)  Mose Bellmard
                    4)  Pearl Bellmard
                    5)  Myrtle Bellmard
                    6)  Leonard Bellmard
                    7)  Inez Bellmard
                    8)  Paul Bellmard
                    9)  Julia Bellmard

2.  *Clement Lessert Jr. (born in Kansas Territory)
                    said to have been killed in a horse accident, but later documents proved otherwise; per Kansas State Historical Society; per Senate Record of 1862, Clement Lessert Jr is dead by this date.

D)  son Chingacahega, b. 1805

E)  illegitimate son, (name unknown) (father?), b. 1810

F)  son Wasabase, b. 1816

        Daughter Wy-He-See (also known as Waisjasi) married (1818?) Louis Gonville (also known as Gonvil, Gonnville) from Canada; his name was changed was from de Gonneville (b. 1804?, St. Louis, Missouri, mother is Potawatomie), a French fur trader. Wy-He-See's first husband was Clement Lessert Sr.  (the French interpreter). 
    Note :  3 related Gonville females married 3 related Pappan's
(NOTE : Pappan was also spelled Papin {originally was De la Pepin in France} in Missouri but changed when Papin, Pepin, Pappan came to Canada/USA) also Pappan brothers had come from St. Louis, Missouri : Louis Pappan, Joseph Pappan, Stephen Achan Pappan and Euberie Pappan following their brother Louis Pappan.

Louis Gonville's first wife was Hunt Jimmy.  Louis Gonville's children by Hunt Jimmy are:

A)  *Josette (May Josephine) Mary Gonville  b. 1816? Kansas,  d. 1847 m. :
1st husband Joseph Papin/Pappan on Oct. 25, 1837, Choutea's Church, Kansas City; d.  Dec. 12, 1883
         1.  Benjamin Louis "Big Louis" Pappan b. 1833, d. April 13, 1907; m. Elizabeth McPherson, (b. 1844 d. 24 Jan 1901) in 1869
              a)  Mary Ellen Pappan b. June 1887
              b)  Alexander Pappan b 1875
              c)  Susan Pappan b 1887
              d)  Elnora Pappan
              e)  Rachel Pappan  b 1872
              f)  Benjamin Pappan (b. 1875-d.1959)  m. Mary Isabel Savage Jan. 15, 1901

                    1.  Emily Pappan
                    2.  Walter Pappan
                    3.  Marion Pappan
               g)  Anna Pappan
               h)  Cyrus Pappan

          2.  Achan Pappan 
          3.  Susan Pappan 
          4 .  Mary (Ogille) Ogeal Pappan
2nd husband  Aguste Pappan (no children?)

B)  *Pelagie Gonville b. 1817? m. Anable Franceour de Aubri/Fronkier 1842

       1.  David Fronkier

       2.  Ben Fronkier

Louis Gonville's children by Wy-He-See are:

A)  *Julie Gonville b. March 29 , 1811, had children by 

Clement Lessert Sr. (the French interpreter) 

        1. Mary Lessert   (3rd child of "Clement Lessert Sr")  (b. July 11, 1830); m. Martin Prudom (b 16 Feb 1848)

npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->npcomments-->           a)  Rosalie Prudom m. Louis Roy

                 1)  Mary E Roy b. 27 Oct 1871 m. L.P. Carpenter           

           b)  Charles Napoleon Prudom m. Annie E. Norberry

                 1)  Frank Prudom b. 1876

                 2)  Louisa Prudom b. 1877

        2. Martha Lessert  (4th child of "Clement Lessert Sr") (b. Sept. 5, 1832; d. 23 May 1913) m. Francis De Noya

             a)  Frank De Noya b. 11 Feb. 1857

            m. first wife Josephine Carpenter

                   1)  Clementine L. De Noya b. 1876

                   2)  Joseph F. De Noya b. 1877

                   3)  Jacob A. De Noya b. 1878

                   4)  Herbert De Noya

                   5)  Martha De Noya

                   6)  Ida De Noya

                   7)  Mabel De Noya

            m. second wife Mary Joanna Long

                   1)  Daniel Edward De Noya

                   2)  Clara De Noya

                   3)  Grace De Noya

                   4)  Alfred R. De Noya

                   5)  Charlotte De Noya

                   6)  Myrtle De Noya

                   7)  Catherine I. De Noya 

                   8)  Walter L. De Noya

Louis Pappan in 1831 (b. 1815, d. March 22, 1877)

B)  Rosalie Gonville, b. 1822; m. Charles Fish, half-breed Delaware Indian (interpreter for Kanza Indians)

       1.  Elijah Fish

C) *Victoire Margaret Gonville, b. 1819 m. Stephen Achan Pappan (b. Jan. 1838, d. June 24, 1923) Victoria m. Henry Smith in 1860 (per Senate Records)

Stephen Achan Pappan re-married in 1881 to Elizabeth Curley
         1.  Edward G. Pappan b. March 1881, d. 1925
         2.  Mitchell Pappan b. Aug. 30, 1882, d. June 2, 1940
         3.  Charles J. Pappan b. Oct. 1886, d. 1947
         4.  Mode Pappan
         5.  Emmitt Pappan
         6.  Dadie Pappan
         7.  ---- Pappan
         8.  ---- Pappan
         9   ---- Pappan
       10.  ---- Pappan

D)  Louis Gonville - died very young

E)  America Gonville - b. 1821, d. 1821

F)  Baptiste Gonville - b. 1823 thought to be living in California per 1860 (Senate Report) 

      1.  Marie Gonville

       2. La Fleche Gonville

Daughter Julie Gonville (1/2 Kansa, 1/2 Osage) (b. 1811?) m. Louis Pappan (1/2 French, 1/2 Potawatomie) (b. 1815 in St. Louis, Missouri), a French fur trader. Pappan brothers started the Pappan Ferry across the Kaw (Ks) River in 1842. 

Oftentimes; Julie Gonville Pappan is often confused with Julia Rover Roy Lessert, who is an entirely different person.  At least 4, even possibly 5 children that are claimed to be the children of Julie Roy Lessert are actually the children of Me-Ho-Yah/Me-Ha-Ja and Julie Gonville, the descendants of these mothers are blood relatives (cousins) to Vice President Charles Curtis.  At this point bloodlines for both Lessert and Roy appear to be only French with no other connections to Native American tribes. Other children by Clement Lessert Sr with Julie Rover Roy Lessert are not related to Vice-President Charles Curtis.  No, the Louis Joseph Pappan who Julie Roy Lessert remarried after the death of Clement Lessert Sr is not the same Louis Pappan who was married to Julie Gonville Pappan;

Children of Clement Lessert/Lessart Sr (Canada)(half-breed?? Pottawatomie??)  and Julie/Julia Rover Roy Lessert (Half-breed?? Osage??) :

e)  Eleanor (b. 3 Feb.1834)  m. Joseph Revard

f)  Louis Benjamin (b. 21 Jan. 1835)

g) Julia  (b. 8 Jan. 1837; d. 2 Aug. 1849)

h)  Ogile (b. 5 Jan. 1839) m. 19 Jan. 1856 John Huston

i)  Francis Xavier (b. 26 Aug. 1841; d. 7 Dec, 1920) m. Susan Pappan

j)  Bernice m. Henry Papin

k)  Clementine (b. 12 Dec. 1850) m. Joseph N. Baker

l)  Lucille (b. 1 Dec. 1863; d. 21 Nov. 1943) m. William Tinker

Julie's children by Louis Pappan as follows:

A)  Ellen Pappan  (also known as Helen, Elena; though Ellen Papin appears on her marriage records)  (is 1/4 French, 1/4 Kansa Indian, 1/4 Osage Indian, 1/4 Potawatomi Indian)  (b. 1840 - d. April, 1863)

B)  Louis Pappan  b. 1841, d. 13 April 1901; m. Elizabeth McPherson, Feb. 21, 1861 (b. 17 Sep 1844, d 24 Jan 1901)        

      1.  "Little" Henry Pappan (b 1865, d 1929) m. Mary Ann ---- (b 1868, d 1952) 
              a.   Dollie Pappan
              b.   Alice Pappan m. ---- Hall 
      2.  Bertha Pappan m. ---- Endicott
              a.   Verne R. Endicott
              b.   George Baconrind Endicott 
      3.  Lillian Pappan m. ----- Simpkins
              a.   Helen Simpkins m. ---- Cole
              b.   Dorothy Simpkins m. ---- Crawford 
      4.  Walter Pappan
              a.   Gerald L. Pappan
              b.   Marvin E. Pappan
              c.   George Howard Pappan
              d.   Bert J. Pappan
              e.   Fred W. Pappan 
              f.   John L. Pappan 
              g.   Mary Pappan m. ---- Schutte 
      5.  Anna Belle Pappan m. Hugh F. Chouteau 
              a.   Violet Chouteau m. ---- Stanford 
              b.   Marcellus M. Chouteau 
      6.  Murphy Pappan b. Feb. 24, 1873, d. Sept. 30, 1942; m. Effie ---- about 1896 
              a.  Russell Pappan (b May 1897) 
               b.  Clemmia Pappan (b Jun 1898)
              c.  Alvin Pappan 
                   1)  Daisy Kirkbride Pappan 
                   2)  Maxine Pappan m. ----- Cravens 
                   3)  Walter Russell Pappan 
                   4)  Bruce W. Pappan 
                   5)  James Douglas Pappan 
      7.  Warren Pappan b. 1880, d. 1955; m. Catherine Auld, 1900 
             a.  Louis Charles Pappan 
                  1)  Lillie Mae Guffy Pappan m. ----- Minnis 
                  2)  Jimmie Lou Pappan 
             b.  Lorene Bell Pappan m. ---- Bearden 
                  1) Glenda Deanel Bearden m. ---- Kincy 
             c.  Carl Leslie Pappan 
                  1)  Carl Leslie Pappan Jr. 
                  2)  Warren Leroy Pappan 
                  3)  Barabara Lou Pappan m. ---- Ratzlaff 
                       A.  Cynthia Ratzlaff m. ---- Pederson 
                       B.  Robert Ratzlaff 
                       C.  Lloyd Ratzlaff 
                       D.  Douglas Ratzlaff (Austin)

C)  Andres Pappan b. 1844

D)  "Big" (also known as "George") Henry Pappan b. Feb. 2, 1849, d. Dec. 25, 1896, m. Susan Acton in 1870 (no children); m. Lucy Janetta Matney (parents are John Henderson Matney and Synthia Emaline Pasley) in 1886, b. March 24, 1870, d. Feb. 27, 1939
       1)   John C. Keenan Pappan b. May 22, 1888, d. Oct. 13, 1948, m. Florence Eva Jones (b. Jan. 20, 1890-d. April 8, 1976)
              a.  Virgil Cornell Pappan (b. March 1910)  m. -----
                    1.  Bill Pappan
                    2.  Kirby D. Pappan
              b.  Henry A. Pappan
              c.  Gene Barker Pappan (b. May 13, 1917-d. Sept. 17, 1993) m. Leta Rosetta Thompson (b. Oct. 10, 1920-d. Feb. 28, 1994) 1947
              d.  Jonsie Keenan Pappan (b. Dec. 13, 1919-d. April 9,1988); m. Ruth ---- 
                    1.  Jeremy Pappan 
                    2.  Patty Pappan 
                    3.  Llyod Lee Pappan
              e.  Martha Bell Pappan (b 24 Aug 1924, d 1926)
              f.  Rosemary Pappan m. ---- Glenn
              g.  Rose Marie Pappan
1st husband  Coyle
2nd husband  Glenn
              h.  Martin Dale Pappan (b 24 Aug 1924, d 1931) 
              i.   Margie Lucille Pappan m. Dale Honn
              j.   Jimmie Lee Pappan
              k.  Johnnie Guy Pappan m. Dorothy Jenkins
              l.   Doris May Pappan m. Glenn Boone

Lucy Janetta Matney (b. March 24, 1870, d. Feb. 27, 1939)  re-married Oscar Clark
        1.  Elmer Clark
        2.  Oscar Clark
        3.  Maudie Clark
        4.  Onia Clark
        5.  Charlie Clark

       2)  Laura Belle Pappan b. Sept. 24, 1890, d. June 28, 1963; m. :
1st husband Roy Grantham Nov. 9, 1908
            a.  Violet Leroy Grantham m. ---- Donahoe
2nd husband Jacob Dean Randol (Randall) Dec. 21, 1910 (b 12 July 1890, d 28 May 1969)
            a.   Julia Lorene Randol b. Sept. 21, 1911, d. Feb. 4, 1988; m. April 7  George F. Jack April (b. 22 Mar 1913, d. Oct 1968)
                   1.  Jerry Jack
                   2.  Daniel William Jack
                   3.  Robert Den Jack
            b.   Maudie Lodema Randol b. Feb. 27, 1913, d. Sept. 25, 1996; m. :
1st husband Delbert L. Triplett
                   1.  Larry Dean Triplett
2nd husband Jack L. Jenkins (d 1962)
            c.  Louella Lodema Randol
       3)  Julia Emaline Pappan (b. Nov. 19, 1892, d. June 24, 1980); m. Henry Le Clair (b. Sept. 18, 1892-d. July 1, 1968) July 14, 1911
             a.  Loretta Frances Le Clair m. Claudius Earl Blackshere (b. 24 Jan 1912, d. 20 May 1972)
                   1.  Gary Lee Blackshere (b. 19 Oct 1934, d. 19 Oct 1934)
                   2.  Terry Jo Blackshere
                   3.  Marta Sue Blackshere
             b.  Judy Jean Le Clair (b. March 28, 1930, d. Dec. 20, 1993); m. Keith W. Hearne June 7, 1952
                   1.  Stephen Hearne
       4)  William Louis Pappan (Sr.) b. Dec. 25, 1894, d. Dec. 4, 1935; m. :
1st wife Nellie Ann Mathews 1914 (b. 1893; d. 1918)
             a.   Robert Henry Pappan b. July 13, 1915, d. Aug. 4, 1982; m. Dorothy Lorrine Sisk 1945
                   1.  Robert Louis Pappan
                   2.  Sharon Ann Pappan
                   3.  Karen Arlene Pappan
             b.   Rose Marian Pappan b. July 22, 1917, d. June 1988; m. Dexter Tate 
                    1.  Daniel Tate
                    2.  ---- Tate
2nd wife Grace Octavia Maxfield 1919, b. 1900, d. 1953 (parents are Stephen Gerard Maxfield and Oba Genoba Shockey)
             a.  Laura Belle Pappan (b. May 25, 1920-d. June 4, 1921)
             b.  Geraldine Louise Pappan (b. Jan. 3, 1922, d. June 3, 1998);  m. Vernon Crow June 16, 1942 (b. Aug. 13, 1918-d. Dec. 3, 1995) (parents are John Lester Crow and Vinia Lofton)
                   1. Claudia Lynne Crow m. Donald Arthur Hof, Jr. (parents are Donald Arthur Hof, Sr. and Wanda Lee Henderson)
                        a.  Dawn Lynette Hof m. Bradley Neil Schaper
                              1)  Kaycee Nicole Schaper
                        b.  Tony Arthur Hof
             c.   William Louis Pappan (Jr.) m. Loretta A. Swirczynski (b. Feb. 5, 1923-d. April 24, 1992)
                    1.  Sandy Pappan
                    2.  Jeffery Pappan
                    3.  William Louis Pappan III
                    4.  Grace Pappan m. David Dwight (div.)
                          a.  Jordan Dwight
             d.   Carolyn Sue Pappan m. ---- Walkabout
             e.   Stephen Maxfield Pappan
       5)  Murphy Pappan b. Nov. 26, 1896, d. Oct. 30, 1952

D)  Antoine Pappan  b. 1850

E)  Otwin Blonde Pappan  b. Oct. 17, 1850, d. March 10, 1899; m. Sophia Curley
       1)  Louisa Pappan
             a.  Dorothy M. Pappan m. ---- Agee
             b.  Hazel C. Pappan m. ---- Wood
             c.  Lena G. Pappan m. ---- Jackson
             d.  Mary Pappan m. ---- Bonner
       2)  Andy Pappan
       3)  Weso Harrison Pappan b. May 4, 1878, d. Jan. 21, 1968; m. Nora Mapel
             a.  Forrest Leon Pappan
                  1. Velma Landers Pappan m. ---- Davidson
                  2.  Kenneth Irvin Pappan
             b.  Opal Valentine Pappan
             c.  Harry Weso Pappan
             d.  Ida Bell Pappan
             e.  Roy Otis Pappan
             f.   Neleta Louise Pappan
             g.  Blon Harrison Pappan
             h.  Lydia Pappan m. ---- Curry
                  1.  Mary Catherine Curry m. --- Griggs
             i.  Esther Pappan m. ---- Cooper
                  1.  John Cooper
             j.  Jeston W. Pappan
                  1.  Jean M. Davis Cobb
                  2.  Kathryn Sue Pappan m. ---- Weber

F)  Joseph Pappan     b. 1852, d. Dec. 12, 1883; m. Berneice Houston Bell
      1)  Isabelle Pappan b. Aug. 30, 1881, m. James Auld
            a.   Addie Auld m. ---- Ballagh
            b.   Harvey F. Auld
            c.   Flora Auld m. ---- Rickard
            d.   Geneva Auld m. ---- Orton
            e.   Dora Auld m. ---- Crouse

G)  Julia Pappan       b. 1854

H)  Stephen Pappan  b. 1856, m. Jennie Christenol, March 30, 1870
       1)  Mary Pappan
       2)  Debby Pappan
       3)  Rosy Lee Pappan
       4)  Selvister Pappan
       5)  ---- Pappan
       6)  ---- Pappan

I)  Mary Pappan       b. 1858

J)  Frank Pappan     b. 1860, d. March 28, 1884

K)  Mary J. ? Pappan

L)  Webb Pappan  b. 1877, d. 1950; m. Maude H. about 1900; b. 1882, d. 1940
       1)  William Henry Pappan
       2)  Pearl Pappan m. ---Mapel
       3)  Vera Pappan

For Your Information --
Julie Gonville had 2 illegitimate children by Ludwig Pappan, were never married (baptisms verified by St. Mary's Immaculate Conception Church, Ks)
        a)  Maria Pappan
        b)  Francis P appan

For Your Information --
Ludwig Pappan m. Laury McFarson

        Ellen Pappan (b. in U.S. Kansas Territory 1840, 1/4th Kansa Indian, 1/4th Osage Indian, 1/4th Potawatomie Indian and 1/4th French;  d. 1863 of black fever also known as cholera in Eugene (now known as North Topeka, Kansas) m. Orren Arms (Captain Jack) Curtis (100% American) (b.  June 2, 1829, d. March 28, 1898) twice, once Feb. 1859, then again in May 8, 1859  by Father Ignatius Maes,  in a Catholic ceremony at St. Marys, Kansas, in Potawatomie County, Kansas; witnesses were Lodovica Papin and Benjamin Francouer. They had 2 children; Charles and Elizabeth

    Son Charles Curtis (1/8 Kansa Indian, 1/8 Osage Indian, 1/8 Potawatomie Indian, 1/8 French; 1/2 American-English) (b. U.S. Ks Territory, Jan. 25, 1860-d. Feb. 8, 1936) was baptized as Charolus (Charles) Curtis, the child of Gullielmus (William) Curtis (error - should be Orren Arms Curtis) and Elena (should be Ellen) Papin on April 15, 1860 by Father L. Dumortier S.J.; sponsors were Henry and Susanna Papin at Immaculate Conception Church, St. Marys, Ks; Charles Curtis later m. Annie Elizabeth Baird (b. Dec. 24, 1860 Altoona, Pennsylvania,  Parents John M. and Jane Baird; d. June 20, 1924 - FYI- has brother Essington Laman Baird who married Stella H Juneau) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1884 in Topeka, Ks. 

American English Father's side: Curtis / Hubbard (of Charles Curtis) -

WILLIAM CURTIS (b. Dec. 22, 1800 in Albany, New York, d. March 3, 1873 of small-pox plague in North Topeka, Ks) m. PERMELIA HUBBARD CURTIS (b. May 14, 1807 in Berkshire, Massachusetts-d. Sept. 4, 1903 in North Topeka, Ks) on Nov. 4, 1827 in Eugene, Indiana.   They had fourteen children.   (Permelia Hubbard's ancestors can be traced back into the 1400s, into England, Wales and Scotland) William Curtis and Permelia Hubbard Curtis' children as follows:

(A)  ORREN ARMS CURTIS b. June 23, 1829, Eugene,Vermillion, Indiana, d. in Newkirk, Indian Territory (Okla)  March 28, 1898 is buried in the private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks also was a Civil War veteran, had been a Captain, (so he was nicknamed Captain Jack) Co. F, 15th Regiment Cavalry, Ks Volunteers, received a general court-martialed April 1865,  spent one month in military prison in Missouri State Prison in Joplin; then was pardoned May, 1865.  He joined up with Co. H, 19th Ks Cavalry, Oct. 1868. he was the quartermaster-sergeant, he was mustered out in April 18, 1869.
Orren Arms Curtis m.: (spent time with the circus after his first marriage)
       1st wife's mother Naomi Gookin Quick was born in New York
1st wife for OA Curtis: Isabella Jane Quick m. Feb. 1, 1849 in Vermillion, Indiana,
divorced Feb. 18, 1858, Vermillion county, Indiana  (her mother Naomi Quick lived with them)
     a)   Milo Curtis, b. Dec. 1849, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana
     b)  William Harvey Curtis b. Sept. 25, 1851, m. Lena Ware
     c)  John N. Curtis, b. Dec. 29, 1853, m. Clarrie ---- (b. June 1866, Minco, Grady county, Ok)
         1)  Evie Curtis, b. about 1891
         2)  Harry E. Curtis, b. about 1894
     d)  Florence Curtis, b. 1855 Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. before 1860
After divorcing Orren Arms Curtis, Isabelle Jane (nee Quick) Curtis m. Allen Waldron Sept. 29, 1858
     a)  Benjamin F. Waldron b. 1850, Indiana
     b)  Eva B. Waldron b. 1853 Indiana

Isabelle Jane (nee Quick) Curtis Waldron then married Martin Stewart, Oct 24, 1867
1)  Ambrose Quick, b. about 1824, m. Hulda Bennet
      (brother to Isabelle Jane (nee Quick) Curtis Waldron Stewart 
2)  John Quick, b. about 1826, m. Lucy Ricardson
      (brother to Isabelle Jane (nee Quick) Curtis Waldron Stewart

2nd wife for OA Curtis : m. Ellen Pappan May 1, 1859, by Father Ignatius Maes, in a Catholic ceremony at Immaculate Conception Church in St. Marys, Ks, she died of black fever also known as cholera Feb. 1863, unknown where she is buried, supposedly Northwest of the private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks. (his only wife to die, the others he deserted or divorced)
            a)  Charles (NO MIDDLE NAME) Curtis,  named after his father's brother Charles Clark Curtis; (1/8th Kansa, 1/8th Osage, 1/8th Potawatomie, 1/8th French; 1/2 American-English) (b. U.S. Ks Territory Jan. 25, 1860-d. Feb. 8, 1936) was baptized as Charolus (Charles) Curtis, the child of Gullielmus (William) Curtis (error - should be Orren Arms Curtis) and Elena (Helen?) Pappan on April 15, 1860 by Father L. Dumortier; sponsors were Henry and Susanna Papin at Immaculate Conception Church, St. Marys, Ks; Charles Curtis later m. Annie Elizabeth Baird (b.  Dec. 24, 1860 Altoona, Pennsylvania,  Parents John M. and Jane Baird; d. June 20, 1924 - FYI- has brother Essington Baird) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1884 in Topeka, Ks.
            b)  Elizabeth Curtis, b. in Ks, Sept. 02, 1862, d. Aug. 15, 1943, buried in Topeka Cemetery, close to her brother Charles, in Topeka Ks. No record found has been found of her baptism. 
 3rd wife for OA Curtis: m. Rachel F. Funk  [ born in Jefferson county],  in July  27, 1863 in Ozawkie Township , div. Dec. 19 1864, in Shawnee county, Kansas; remarried to Mr Hatch and moved to Minnesota
            a)  no children 
4th wife for OA Curtis:  m. Lucy (or Lou) A. Jay, b. 1846 in New York, d. 1888 in Kansas buried is Eskridge, Waubaunsee, Kansas   remarried Mr Kincade
           a) Theressa Permelia  (aka "Dolly") Curtis, b. March 24, 1872 d. Jan. 31, 1953, buried in Maryland  m. Edward (aka "Billy") Everett Gann, 12 June 1915 in Charles Curtis' home at 11th and Topeka in Topeka, Kansas; he was born Oct 12, 1880 in Monticello, New York d. Oct 3, 1936 (Edward Everett Gann was the attorney for the Interstate Commerce Commission and a Democrat) (no children)

(B)  JOHN THOMAS CURTIS b. Nov. 2, 1830, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. April 24, 1904, Newkirk, buried Ponca City, Ok;  m. Jennie Hayes,  then m. Louisa Walden born about 1832, is buried in North Topeka, Rochester Cemetery, Ks.
       a)  Charles Monroe Curtis b. Feb. 16, 1866 Quincy, Indiana; d. Feb. 19, 1952, Nampa, Canyon , Idaho; m. March 2, 1887 (in Topeka, Shawnee, Ks) *Margaret E. McKeever (b. Sept. 7, 1868 Hoyt, Jackson, Ks; d. Sept. 27, 1952 Nampa, Canyon , Idaho (may be from Tubermore Town, Kerry county, Ireland?)
            1) Blanche Eve Curtis (b.  Dec. 27, 1887 Hoyt, Jackson county, Ks; d. Dec. 27, 1957; Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho) m. in McComb, Potawatomie county, Ok, Aug. 6, 1907 to William Emmett Willis (son of James Willis and Hannah { or Anga} Hart), b. Oct. 1, 1884 in Garland, Dallas county, Texas, d. Sept. 22, 1975, Richland Washington
               a)  Magalena Willis b. Sept. 17, 1908, Burnett, Ok; d. July 24, 1982; m. Sept. 17, 1928 to John Merril Cradduck
                    1.  William Merril Cradduck
                    2.  Peggy Joan Cradduck b. Dec. 14, 1930; m. J.B. Troxel
                         A)  Terrill Lee Cummins Troxel
                         B)  Dana Merrill Troxel
                    3.  John Beverly Cradduck b. 1932
                    4.  Virgie Clarola Cradduck b. in Feb. 1934; m. Jack Merrill
                          A)  Gayla Lynn Merrill
                    5.  Charles Curtis Cradduck b. 1936
               b)  Anna Edna Willis "Peg" b. Dec. 14, 1909; m. Claude Davis 1935
                    1.  Leonard Glen Davis b. April 25, 1927
                          A)  Gregory Davis
                    2.  Jackie Marion Davis b. May 10, 1929
                    3.  Kenneth Wayne Davis b. April 2, 1933 m. Margie
                         A)  Kenneth Wayne Davis, Jr.
               c)  Raymond Curtis Willis b. July 26, 1911, McComb, Potawatomie county, Ok; d. Oct. 25, 1987; m. Dorothy Mae Cox (daughter of Dawson Cox and Ethel Bright) Oct. 18, 1930 (b. June 25, 1914; d. Feb. 26, 1995 Merced, California.
                     1.  Ara Lou Willis b. April 27, 1932; d. Oct. 28, 1995, Fallon Nevada; m. Wayne Andrew Jackson (son of Archie Jackson and Essie Collins) Sept. 1, 1951 in California
                          A)  Gregory Wayne Jackson b. Dec. 1, 1952; m. Terry June Bennett Jan. 15, 1972 in Fallon, Nevada (b. Aug. 3, 1952, daughter of Melba Taylor)
                                1)  Christopher Michael Jackson b. Oct. 14, 1974
                                2)  Jamie Lynn Jackson b. Sept. 22, 1977
                         B)  David Ross Jackson b. Aug. 6, 1956 Fresno, California; m. Sheryl Romero June 30, 1986 in Fallon, Nevada (b. Sept. 19, 1955
                               1)  Loujean Rose Jackson b. July 8, 1988
                         C)  Laura Kaye Jackson b. Sept. 24, 1959, Fresno, California; m. Joseph Lloyd Gomes (son of John Gomes and Mary Hutchinson)
                               1)  Thayne Curtis Gomes b. Feb. 21, 1976
                               2)  Lance Edward Gomes b. Nov. 5, 1981
                               3)  Nick Joseph Gomes b. Sept. 9, 1983
                         D)  Wayne Andrew Jackson, Jr. b. Aug. 29, 1963 m. Kathy Evian April 11, 1987
                               1)  Wayne Andrew Jackson III b. Jan. 27, 1988
                               2)  Michone Kaye Jackson b. July 10, 1989
                    2.  Glora June Willis (b. Dec. 28, 1934; d. Jan. 28, 2008 in Nevada) m. Richard Carl Bachle (b. 1931) in 1951
                         A)  Cheryl Lynn Bachle b. 1952 married --- Machado
                         B)  Christine (aka Krissy) June Bachle b. 1953
                         C)  Rikki Jane Bachle b. Sept. 18, 1958
                  3.  Herman Dawson Willis b. Nov. 12, 1936 m. Patricia Vienne 1960 (b. 1940)
                        A)  Raymond Curtis Willis b. 1962; d. about 1990
                        B)  Paul Phillip Willis b. 1964
                        C)  Jeffrey Allen Willis b. 1967
                        D)  Debra Ruth Willis b. 1967
                  4.  Marva Lea Willis b. Aug. 29, 1939 m. Ken Jensen (father C. Jensen) b. 1938
                        A Elisabeth Jensen born Aug. 1960
                               1)  Chance Jensen
                        B)  Doug Jensen b. 1962 m. Terry
                               1)  Ryan Jensen
                               2)  Brylie Jensen
                        C)  Donald Jensen b. 1959 m. Lisa Boldt (daughter of Diane)
                                1)  Blaine Jensen
                                2)  Kenner Jensen
               d) William Martin Willis "Bill" b. March 2, 1913; d. 1975; m. May Belle Black March 1938
                   1.  Wanda Louise Willis b. Oct. 2, 1938
                   2.  Billy Leon Willis b. Dec. 26, 1939
                   3.  Donna Joy Willis
                   4.  Martin Leo Willis
                   5.  Steven Paul Willis
               e)  Opal Willis b. about 1915
               f)  Jewell Elizabeth Willis b. May 28,1918, Burkburnett, Texas; m. Franklin George Coates April 25, 1939
                   1.  Ronald Lee Coates
                   2.  Larry Joe Coates
                   3.  Dickie Coates
              g)  Charles Henry Willis b. May 2, 1920 Atwood, Rawlins county, Ks; m. Grace Ellen Turnbull
                   1.  Charlotte Ann Willis
                   2.  Mary Ellen Willis
                   3.  Jimmie Willis
                   4.  Susan Elizabeth Willis
              h)  Dorotha Lorraine Willis b. April 2, 1922 Atwood, Rawlins county, Ks; m.
1st husband Mark Kenny
                    1.  Richie Lynn Kenny
2nd husband Thomas Clayton Cline 1940, (no children)
3rd husband George Anthoney Muir
                    2.  Robbie Muir
                    3.  Randy Muir
               i)  Virgil Emmet Willis "Bud" b. March 30, 1924 Atwood, Rawlins county, Ks
                j)  Norma Josephine Willis b. June 13, 1926 McComb, Potawatomie county, Ok m.;
1st husband John Author Smith
                    1.  William Charles Smith
                    2.  Wanona Fay Smith
                    3.  Rosie Smith
                    4.  Dewayne Smith
                    5.  Erin Smith
                    6.  Jonnitta Smith
2nd Jack McGinnis
                    7.  Micheal Leroy McGinnis
              k)  Jerry Paul Willis b. Dec. 14, 1928 McComb, Potawatomie county, Ok; d. Dec. 18, 1995, Alaska, m. Jennie Lou Duty
                    1.  Connie Lynn Willis
                    2.  Cynthie Lee Willis
            2) Lena Bedelia Curtis, b. Jan. 3, 1890 in Hoyt, Jackson county, Ks; d. Feb. 19, 1931. m. Aug. 6, 1907 to George Willis (brother to William Emmett Willis) (son of James Willis and Hannah Hart)
           3)  Lois Jane Curtis, b. May 23, 1895 in Lexington, Ok, d. Dec. 20, 1915.
           4)  James O. Curtis b. Sept. 1, 1897  in Lexington, Ok; d. Sept. 4, 1958
           5)  Milo Curtis, b. July 25, 1901, Shawnee, Ok
           6). Estell John Curtis b. Dec. 8, 1904 Shawnee, Ok
           7) Cecil Loren Curtis, b. March 13, 1911, Uncas, Ok; d. March 26, 1974 m. Valeria Angell on Dec. 17, 1933

        a)  Jennie Curtis b. Oct. 3, 1857, m. *Robert C. McKeever in Eugene (Ks or Indiana, most likely Ks) on Jan. 1, 1890
                    1)  Clyde McKeever
                    2) Nora McKeever
                    3)  Doyle McKeever
        b)  John Frank Curtis b. March 1859, m. :
1st wife Anna Quirk on Nov. 22, 1881
2nd wife Jennie Hays
         c)  Milo F. Curtis b. 1861, m. Louisa Dean on Nov. 21, 1880
         d)  Oscar Curtis b. 1868, m. Lucy Dean

* For your information - Parents of Robert C. McKeever and Margaret E. McKeever are Clark McKeever and Jane Norvell

C)  JANE C. CURTIS  b. 1833, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, m. :
1st husband  Josiah C. Smith , (b. 1829?) Aug. 22, 1854
       a) Alphia C. Smith m. W.B.. Rambo
       b) Holly Smith  (buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks)
       c) Oliver Milton Smith  b. 1858, died 1934, is buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks; m. Martha A. Feaks on Oct. 3, 1880
             1.  Harold Josiah Smith m. Pearl ---- (d. Oct. 17, 1991 in Topeka) 
                  1)  Eileen Smith m.  --- Nachtreib
                  2)  H. Wendell Smith
       2.  unnamed boy, died as infant
2nd husband  Philetus Thompson
    a) William C. Thompson

(D)  CYNTHIA G. CURTIS  b. April 18, 1834, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. Dec. 30, 1917 and is buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks  She m. John Worley Smith (b.  1830? d. Nov. 8, 1908) March 15, 1852 in Danville, Illinois.
     a)  Jessie C. Smith (b. Dec. 10, 1852, d. Sept. 6, 1928) m. Dellas Myers on Dec. 24, 1873.
          1.  Charles Curtis Armstrong (b. Aug. 23, 1898, d. Jan. 23, 1987)
          2.  Helen Smith m. ---- Gohres (Kansas City, Missouri)
      b)  Anna Permelia Smith m. --- Dewey (Alhambra, California)
      c)  Alice Smith
      d)  Lizzie Smith, died as a child

(E)  EUNICE CURTIS  b. 1836, Eugene , Vermillion, Indiana, d. 1921, buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks;  m. Feb. 14, 1854 to Andrew J. Wise, (b. 1810 in Indiana, d. 1903)  also buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks, also was a Civil War veteran of Indiana Calvary, were residents of Topeka as of 1898.
     a)  Elizabeth Wise, b. 1873, d. 1907; buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks
     b)  Charles C. Wise, b. 1880, d. 1914; buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks
     c)  George Wise, b. 1860 in Indiana

(F)  SARAH ELIZABETH CURTIS  b. 1837, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana  (is buried at the private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks ) m. Francis J. Brown (b. about 1832)  Aug. 26, 1869, were div. Nov. 1901, were residents of Topeka in 1898, she d. 1931 Topeka, Ks
      a)  Frank O. Brown, b. in 1875 in Topeka, Ks

(G)  MARY ANN CURTIS b. 1839, Eugene , Vermillion,  Indiana, d. 1931; m. Joseph Parke on Dec. 25, 1861, moved to Oregon. (later dropped the "e" from last name)
     a)  William Parke
     b)  Joseph Allen Parke
     c)  Harriet E. Parke
     d)  Joseph Allen Parke m. Alice Connor (dropped the "e")
           1)  Ida Park
            2)  Charles Park
            3)  Ada Park
            4)  Winifred Park
            5)  John Ennis Park

(H)  WILLIAM H. CURTIS b. May 11, 1840, Eugene, Vermillion county, Indiana, d. April 16, 1927; m. Laura Ellen Tripp,  (b. May 29, 1847, Maine) , lived in California in 1898 (she d. 1898 in CA)
     a)  Ernest A. Curtis b. Aug. 9, 1867, Jefferson county, Ks
     b)  William D. Curtis b. Dec. 31, 1873, Jefferson County, Ks
     c)  Ira Curtis

(I)  CHARLES CLARK CURTIS b. 1842, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, (deaf from the age of 3) d. April 16, 1927; m. Louisa Neal, (b. Sept. 1849 in New York, d. Oct. 21, 1936) in 1872, lived in . he died in Salt Lake City Utah, 1928 (Her parents are Jordan Neal and Emeline Neal)
     a)  a still-born child

(J)  RUTH ISABELLE (aka "BELLE") CURTIS  b. Feb. 4, 1843, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. Dec. 1, 1928; m.
1st husband:  Harvey G. Young on March 13, 1856, no children
2nd husband:  Daniel D. Armstrong, (b. 1840) on Sept. 5, 1867
      a)  Sarah P. Armstrong b. Dec. 5, 1868, died Dec. 15, 1877
      b)  Charles William Armstrong b. Feb. 2, 1873, d. Jan. 21, 1951,  m. Mary Alice Davis Aug. 31, 1893 (North Topeka, Ks)
      c)  Roy D. Armstrong b. Jan. 21, 1879, died May 12, 1947; m. Reta Harrington  of Scott City, Ks)
      d)  Edward T. Armstrong b. March 16, 1881, d. March 6, 1948 (Topeka, Ks),   m. :
          1st wife  Ethel Warren
          2nd wife  Eula Brown in 1927

(K)  EMMA (EMILY) CURTIS b. 1846, Eugene , Vermillion, Indiana, d. Jan. 9, 1930, m. on march 30, 1869; Koertinis (aka "Court" or "Charles") La Tourette, b. Dec. 12, 1840, d. Nov. 23, 1912. (lived in Tin Cup, Colorado)  They had no children.

(I)  NOAH EDWARD CURTIS b. 1847, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. 1917 in Topeka. m. Margaret McClintock (b. 1850) June 27, 1873
       a)  Edna E. Curtis, (b. 8 Sept 1874 Kansas) m. 1 Jan 1894 Jasper W. Mongold; d. 15 Aug 1966 Oklahoma
               1.  Francis Mongold
               2.  Lloyd Alvin Mongold m. Blanche Marie Murphy (b. Mar 9, 1906) Feb 16, 1924 at Guthrie, Okla
                      A)  Peggy Jeanne Mongold (b. Feb 10, 1925) m. Joe Hastings (b. Mar 5, 1920)
                             1)  Peggy Joe Hastings (b. Nov 30 1946)
                             2)  Karen Sue Hastings (b. Aug 6. 1950)
                      B)  Patty Lou Mongold (b. Apr 25, 1927) m. Oscar Ray Burns (b. Jun 21, 1927) Feb. 8, 1948
                              1)  Annettie Burn (b. Mar 1, 1949)
                      C)  William Lloyd Mongold (b. Dec 31, 1931 m. Mahala Aline Ribbeck (b. Sept 7, 1931)
                               1) Sandra Jane Mongold (b. Dec31, 1950)   
     b)  Hallick C. Curtis b. July. 7, 1876, d. May 12, 1968 (Arkansas City, Ks) m. Evalena Wares.
              1.  Emmett Curtis b. Oct. 30, 1902, d. Dec. 7,  1977 m. ??????
              2.  Maude S. Curtis b. Feb. 26, 1904, d. Nov. 21, 1947 (never married)
              3.  Aletha B. Curtis b. Sept.  2, 1906 d. 1990 m. ????
                     A) ?
                     B) ?
                     C) ?
              4.  Jed Curtis b. Mar.  3,  1908, d. Mar. 24,  1984 m. Myra ????
              5.  Babe Curtis b. May 18, 1910 d. Jun. 13, 1983 m. Wanda ????
              6.  Helen Josephine Curtis b. Sept. 20, 1912 d. Feb. 19, 1980 m. ?????
                      A)  Camilla
     c)  Frank Curtis

(M)  IRA CURTIS  b. June 2, 1849, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. Jan. 5, 1873, is buried in private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks; never married

(N)  ISAAC J. CURTIS b. May 12, 1850, Eugene, Vermillion,  Indiana, d. 1937; m. Laura Ann Dickey, (b. May 12, 1859 in Napa, California)
     a)  Pearl Gertrude Curtis b. July 14, 1880, Napa, California
     b)  Chester Oliver Curtis b. Jan. 20, 1883, Napa, California, d. Feb. 10, 1978
     c)  Elford Floyd Curtis b. Oct. 30, 1887 Napa, California
     d)  Leland Stanford Curtis b. June 10, 1890, Napa, California, d. Nov. 24, 1961, m. Ethel V.

        Sons Ira Curtis  and Orren Arms (Captain Jack) Curtis convinced their father, William Curtis to go to the new Kansas territories both having already been there since 1856, settled near Mount Florence, (south of Meriden; Mount Florence does not exist anymore, check William Curtis link for photo before destruction) Kansas

        ORREN ARMS (Captain Jack) CURTIS married ELLEN PAPPAN (also found as Papan, Papin, Pepin) (b. 1840 - d. 1863 of cholera), May 1, 1859.  They have two children, Charles and Elizabeth.  (Oren/Orren/Orrin Arms {Captain Jack} Curtis had a total of at least four wives (maybe 5),  Charles and Elizabeth Curtis would have lots of half-brothers and half-sisters and lots of cousins) 

Orren Curtis -  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=17853810

Ellen Pappan Curtis - http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=17853786

          Son CHARLES CURTIS (b. Jan. 25, 1860 in Eugene {North Topeka, Ks} Kansas Territory d Feb. 8, 1936 of a heart attack in Washington D.C.) m. Annie Elizabeth Baird performed by DR. F.F. Dornblazer, Jesuit priest, (b. Dec. 24, 1860 to John M and Jane Baird in Altoona, Pennsylvania; d. June 20, 1924 of pneumonia in Washington D.C.) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1884. 

Charles Curtis - http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=2895

          Daughter ELIZABETH CURTIS (aka "Libbie" "Sarah") (b. Sept. 2, 1862 in Eugene, Kansas Territory [now known as North Topeka], Kansas d. Aug. 15, 1943 in Topeka, Ks),  (she is buried in the Topeka Cemetery in Topeka Ks as Charles Curtis is)

Elizabeth Curtis - http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=81681215

1st husband  Joseph E. Layton, m. Dec. 24, 1876, later divorced 29 Aug 1886 
           a)  Joseph Oran Layton (b. March 11, 1883; d. 26 Aug. 1961)  m. Cora Delcina Priddy. (b. 14 Dec 1885, d. 10 Feb. 1956 in Greggton, Texas) (her parents are James W. Priddy of Indiana and Florence Antrius of Ireland)
                 1.  Florence Elizabeth Layton (aka "Flossie") b. July 29, 1907; died Nov. 24, 1986 in Washington, Kansas,
                                                                           m. Dec. 9, 1928; Daniel Henry Myers II (1903-1985)
                      a.  Clifford Myers, b. 1895
Daniel Henry Myers III, (b. 28 Aug 1930, d. 24 May 1996)
m. Elizabeth Blanton
                            1)  William Henry Myers II
                            2)  Joseph L. Myers
                            3)  Sarah E. Myers       
                 2.  Helen Permelia Layton b. July 29, 1909; m. Forrest (Frosty) Cox
   a.  "Frosty" Cox
                      b.  Judith Cox
                           1)  Jennifer

                 3.  Robert Oran Layton b. Oct. 18, 1912
                 4.  James Jerome (Joseph?) Layton b. Sept. 18, 1920
            b)  Robert Oran Layton
                  1.  Florence Layton
                  2.  Robert Scott Layton
                  3.  Candyce Layton m. ---- Hunt

2nd husband Jerome (aka "Rome") Ashby Colvin, b. Dec. 22, 1863 in Lima, Allen, Ohio,  m. 13 April 1892, died Sept. 3, 1932 Topeka, Kansas, buried Topeka cemetery, Topeka, Kansas.

Jerome Colvin - http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=81680101

        a)  William (aka "Willie") Bear Colvin   b. 4 Nov. 1893 in Kansas; m. Edna in 1914
               1.  William B. Colvin b. 1917 in Kansas
               2.  Richard Colvin b. 1920 in Kansas
               3.  Margaret Colvin b.  1922 in Kansas
        b)  Richard Ashby Colvin
        c)  Margaret Colvin m. ---- Rafferty

Are you a descendant of  Charles Curtis or (his sister) Elizabeth (aka "Libbie") Curtis Layton Colvin ?

Family of Charles Curtis and Annie Elizabeth Baird

         CHARLES CURTIS (b. Jan. 25, 1860 in Eugene in U.S. Kansas Territory}, d. Feb. 8, 1936 of a heart attack in Washington D.C.) was baptized at The Immaculate Conception Church in St. Marys, (Pottawatomie county) Ks, March 15, 1860, later he m. ANNIE ELIZABETH BAIRD  (b. Dec. 24, 1860 to John Marion Baird and Jane (Bromberg) Baird in Altoona, Penn. d. June 20, 1924 of pneumonia in Washington DC) Thanksgiving Day in Topeka, Kansas, Nov. 27, 1884

For Your Information - daughters Permelia and Leona hated their first names so they often went by their middle names.

    Daughter Permelia Jeannette Curtis
(b. 6 Jan 1886 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas; d. 17 Oct 1955 Memphis, Tenn) graduated from Topeka High School in Topeka, Ks, in 1903; then graduated from Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 1908,  then m. Major Charles (aka "Toddy")  Peasley George (b. Aug. 10, 1886 Texas; d. Dec. 31, 1946 ) of Fort Riley 3 Jan. 1914 at the Curtis House at 11th and Topeka. He was on the Olympic Riding Team for America in 1928  She never remarried. Both are buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in Texas.  They had two children.

Permelia -  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=65115832

Charles George - http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=65116088

       Grand-son Charles Curtis George, (aka Curt)
b. April 12, 1921 in Washington D.C.; d. July 27, 1958 and buried in Nantucket, Massachusetts; attended United States Military Academy at West Point, New York; graduated class of 1942; unmarried; West Point

Charles Curtis George -  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=65491280

       Grand-daughter  Ann George
(b. 1919 m. Harrrison Humphreys 1944  m. --- Morton)
        a)  Ann Curtis Humphreys
        b)  Jane Baird Humphreys

    Son Harry King Curtis
(b. October 1, 1890; d. May 29, 1946)   graduated from  University of Michigan Law School, became a lawyer, was former President of Motorists Association of Illinois; (any children?) (Kansas census verified POB; POD Tampa, Florida; verified Florida Death index)

Harry - http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=85119278

1st wife Elizabeth May Hanson Walker b. 01 July 1890 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michighan; m. 01 July 1914  (her parents are Eudora McCleary and William Hanson)

2nd wife Lydia E. Pappan (3/8ths Kaw) b. 15 Oct 1899 m. 1923-1927

3rd wife Beatrice (Bea) E. Elliot, was divorced by her in Chicago, IL; for desertion in 1936

4th wife Catherine Fort (Kitty)

    Daughter Leona Virginia Curtis
(b. April 1, 1892, in Topeka, Ks; d. Oct. 28, 1965 in Providence, Rhode Island) buried Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island;  m. (July 9, 1919 in Washington D.C.) Webster (aka Webby) Knight II (d. Oct. 27, 1967 in Providence, Rhode Island). was a representative of Rhode Island and seconded the nomination of her father as Vice-President at the 1928 Republican convention in Kansas City, also she did the dedication in 1959 for the Charles Curtis bronze bust at Washington D.C.; later the bust was moved to Anadarko, Ok. (See Legacy link for more details) They had two children.

Leona -  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=18586625

       Grand-son - Charles Curtis Knight  
(b. Oct. 19, 1920, d. Dec. 26, 1968) m. Alice Hill Mayes (b. 1 Mar 1921)  April 12, 1942.
         a)  Webster Knight III ; (b. 7 Feb 1943; d. 22 Jul 2008) m. Maureen (aka Moe) Ann Newman ( later Heise) 23 May 1964
Geneva S. Fraser
               1. Shannon Blair Knight b. 1 Feb 1968 ; m. David Gassert (b. 17 Dec 1967)  22 Sep 2000.
                   m. Vincent Beatty (8 May 1962)
               2. Kecia Jean Knight  b. 7 Mar 1965 m. James Alram Healey 16 Oct 1988.
               3. Kerrin Curtis Knight b. 28 Jul 1969 m.  Mathew James Chrupcala 4 Sep 1993.
         b)  Steven Curtis Knight ;  b. 12 Aug 1944; d. 2 May 1964 in Guantanamo Bay, Naval Base, Cuba.
         c)  William Maxwell Knight b. July 16, 1952  m. Cheryl Ann Elizabeth Pease (b. Mar. 18, 1955; d. May 19, 2002)
                1. Jeremiah Maxwell Knight m. Samantha  L. Corkins 19 Apr 1998 (b. 11 Apr 1974)
                      a.  Deven Maxwell Knight  b. Nov. 30, 1998
                      b.  Matteson Ava Knight  b. Oct. 16, 2006
                 2. Acacia Hill Knight b. Apr. 18, 1980
                       a. Zabrith Taron Knight b. Aug. 16, 1996
          d)  Allison Curtis Knight  m. --- Barrett
          e)  Roger Frederick Knight ; born about 1940 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island.

      Grand-daughter Constance (aka "Connie") Knight, 
                       (b. June 25, 1923; d. July 16, 2002)  m. Alexander E. McCollom (b. Feb. 27, 1913; d. Jul. 16, 1986)

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Timeline A:  The Indians in Kansas

Timeline B :  The timelines of Kansas and the USA

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Legacy   left by Charles Curtis

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Charles Curtis home in Topeka, Kansas

Signature Bldg.  New Kansas State Office Building named for Charles Curtis

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