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 Curtis Family Cemetery
What happens when you post a video about an historical PRIVATE property family cemetery?  This is about the Curtis Family Cemetery.  I hope you were able to catch the beauty of the area, because the cemetery has been totally vandalized, just about every
stone was demonlished. 
Two Civil War veterans stones were not touched.  The wanton destruction was done within a year of the walkway's completion.  The City of Topeka sees no reason to protect a family cemetery that is inside the city limits; though reports were filed with the local Topeka Police; no one has been charged for the destruction.


    Sorry; but the walk trail has been completed; leaving no legal access for the private property from a public road; this is clearly against private property laws; as well as no protection has been provided by the City of Topeka for the historic cemetery; the trash has not only tripled but is beyond belief as well as the trespassing and vandalism, as predicted by me and IGNORED by the City of Topeka.

As of June, 2007, the walkway has been completed, the walkway was moved 18 feet West of the Curtis Family Cemetery; but the trash has tripled, so has trespassing, harassment of me while I am working at the cemetery, now I have death threats against me as well.  So the City of Topeka has no respect for cemeteries, when will they do something?  After I am dead??
As of May, 2007;  my own opinion, is that the City of Topeka should NOT be putting the walkway/bike path anywhere near the Curtis Family Cemetery of 1549 NW Harrison, North Topeka, Kansas. To me, this shows contempt by the City of Topeka for the cemetery, a disregard for the cemetery as well as certainly no respect for the cemetery.  Is the City of Topeka planning on being responsible for future vandalism or any damages, or clean-up of the Curtis Family Cemetery because of the the people using of the planned
walkway/bike path; because of the increase of people in the area of the Curtis Family Cemetery?
     If not, the City of Topeka, in a gesture of good faith showing a real care and concern for the Curtis Family Cemetery erect a 6 foot fence between the walkway/bike path and the property of the Curtis Family Cemetery. 
     The City of Topeka has stopped all construction for the moment of the planned walkway/bike path, until new paperwork has been processed to move the trail to the west and OFF of the Curtis Family Cemetery, though the walkway/bike path will still be on the South and West sides of the Curtis Family Cemetery if allowed to continue as planned.

    If you are a Curtis family member, Please help by letting these people (listed below) know your opinion about the cemetery, by calling them, emailing them, or perhaps BEST of all, write each of them a letter.
(they already have had mine in person many times but would not listen; YOU are citizens of TOPEKA, perhaps they will listen to YOU).

Jim Colson                            785-368-3725           jcolson@topeka.org    City Manager
Topeka City Manager
215 SE 7th
Topeka, Ks 66603

Terry Bertels                         785-368-3838           tbertels@topeka.org          Head of Topeka Parks
 Topeka Rec & Parks
  620 SE Madison  1st Flr
  Topeka, Ks  66607

John Campos                         785-260-7793        jcampos@topeka.org       Representative for North Topeka
 Topeka City Council
  215 SE 7th
  Topeka, Ks  66603

Shawn Bruns                          785-368-3842        sbruns@topeka.org             City Engineer
 City of Topeka Eng. Div.
  620SW Madison 2nd Flr
  Topeka, Ks  66607

City Stops Trail that Cuts Through Cemetery by Amanda Kinseth

The City apologizes after work crews have been clearing ground for a planned walking and biking trail through Topeka that cuts right through cemetery grounds.  “They've cleared the grass and moved turf on the top,” says Joe Singer, City of Topeka Chief Surveyor.
“They haven't done any excavation yet.”  Ann Andrews, the Curtis Family Cemetery caretaker, says it’s good thing the city hasn’t started digging, because there could be unmarked graves there.  The cemetery dates back to the 1860's and used to be owned by Charles Curtis, the nation's only American Indian Vice-President.
The city says it was an honest mistake, and stopped work in the area after recognizing the property boundaries were off.  “They still wouldn't listen to me,” says Andrews. “I come out here and they still wouldn't stop. They said, ‘we'll have our survey team come out.’ I said OK. It was only then they acknowledged they did something wrong.”
Singer says the city realized the property line actually ends 19 feet further west of where the original plan showed. “North Topeka is not a good place to survey. There are many records and conflicting property lines.”  Singer says the land looked the same as city land and wasn't fenced in like the marked graves on the cemetery. It's still up in the air who actually owns the property.
Andrews worries about the disrespect and potential vandalism that could arise from having a trail that close  to a cemetery.  The city says consultants will re-design soldier trail and probably re-align it to the north to smooth over the muddy situation.  The city says Soldier Trail, which will stretch from Garfield Park to Lyman Road, should be completed by this summer.

Story Created: Jan 2, 2007 at 8:17 PM EST

Published Saturday, December 30, 2006
Work on trail did overlap cemetery, city says; Relatives of Charles Curtis buried at site The Capital-Journal

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