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Orren/Oren/Oran Arms Curtis  (aka Captain Jack)

Photo Courtesy of Curtis family member

The eldest child of fourteen children of William Curtis and his wife, Permelia Hubbard Curtis.

ORREN ARMS CURTIS b. June 23, 1829, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. in Newkirk, Indian Territory (Ok)  March 28, 1898) is buried in the private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks also was a Civil War veteran, had been a Captain, (so he was nicknamed Captain Jack) Co. F, 15th Regiment Cavalry, Ks Volunteers, received a general court-martialed April 1865,  spent one month in military prison in Missouri State Prison in Joplin; then was pardoned May, 1865.  He joined up with Co. H, 19th Ks Cavalry, Oct. 1868. he was the quartermaster-sergeant, he was mustered out in April 18, 1869.
Orren Arms Curtis m.: (spent time with the circuses after his first marriage)
                1st wife's mother Naomi Quick was born in New York 

1st wife for OA Curtis: Isabella Jane Quick (Waldron or Walden) Curtis, m. Jan. 31, 1849 in Vermillion, Indiana, divorced Feb. 18, 1858, Vermillion county, Indiana  (her mother Naomi Quick lived with them)
            a)   Milo Curtis, b. Dec. 1849, Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana
            b)  William Harvey Curtis b. Sept. 25, 1851, m. Lena Ware
            c)  John N. Curtis, b. Dec. 29, 1853, m. Clarrie ---- (b. June 1866, Minco, Grady, Oklahoma)
                1)  Evie Curtis, b. about 1891
                2)  Harry E. Curtis, b. about 1894
            d)  Florence Curtis, b. 1855 Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, d. before 1860
    After marrying Orren Arms Curtis, Isabelle Jane Quick Curtis, (they were divorced in 1858) she then m. Allan (Waldron or Walden) Sept. 29, 1858
                a)  Benjamin (Waldron or Walden) b. 1850, Indiana
1)  Ambrose Quick, b. about 1824, m. Hulda Bennet
      (brother to Isabelle Jane Quick Curtis (Waldron or Walden)
2)  John Quick, b. about 1826, m. Lucy Ricardson
              (brother to Isabelle Jane Quick Curtis (Waldron or Walden) 

2nd wife for OA Curtis : m. Ellen Pappan May 1, 1859, by Father Ignatius Maes, in a Catholic ceremony at Immaculate Conception Church in St. Marys, Ks, she died of black fever also known as cholera Feb. 1863, unknown where she is buried, supposedly Northwest of the private Curtis Family Cemetery in North Topeka, Ks. (his only wife to die, the others he deserted or divorced)
            a)  Charles (NO MIDDLE NAME) Curtis,  named after his father's brother Charles Clark Curtis; (1/8th Kansa, 1/8th Osage, 1/8th Potawatomie, 1/8th French; 1/2 American-English) (b. U.S. Ks Territory Jan. 25, 1860-d. Feb. 8, 1936) was baptized as Charolus (Charles) Curtis, the child of Gullielmus (William) Curtis (error - should be Orren Arms Curtis) and Elena (Helen?) Pappan on April 15, 1860 by Father L. Dumortier; sponsors were Henry and Susanna Papin at Immaculate Conception Church, St. Marys, Ks; Charles Curtis later m. Annie Elizabeth Baird (b.  Dec. 24, 1860 Altoona, Pennsylvania,  Parents John M. and Jane Baird; d. June 20, 1924 - FYI- has brother Essington Baird) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1884 in Topeka, Ks.
            b)  Elizabeth Curtis, b. in Ks, Sept. 08, 1862, d. Aug. 15, 1943, buried in Topeka Cemetery, close to her brother Charles, in Topeka Ks. No record has been found of her baptism. 
 3rd wife for OA Curtis: m. Rachel Funk  [ born in Jefferson county, Kansas ],  in July  27, 1863 in Ozawkie Township , div. Dec. 19 1864, in Shawnee county, Kansas; remarried to Mr Hatch and moved to Minnesota
            a)  no children 
4th wife for OA Curtis:  m. Lucy (or Lou) A. Jay, b. 1846 in New York, d. 1888 in Kansas buried is Eskridge, Waubaunsee County, Kansas remarried Mr Kincade
           a) Theressa Permelia (aka "Dolly") Curtis, b. March 24, 1872 d. Jan. 31, 1953, buried in Maryland  m. Edward (aka "Billy") Everett Gann, June 12, 1915 in Charles Curtis' home in Topeka, Kansas; he was born Oct 12, 1880 in Monticello, New York d. Oct 3, 1936 (Edward Everett Gann was the attorney for the Interstate Commerce Commission and a Democrat) (no children)

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